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1 October 2011

El Amor Verdadero

Real love feels different when you receive it. This week, I received a package from the wonderful folks at Love146 full of homemade brownies, candies, and cards with encouraging words. Real love crosses boundaries, and real love passes through customs.

Real love feels different when you give it away. This week, I’ve been convicted to live out the things that I’ve been reading. The fact that I’m not taking action every day to love someone (genuinely) is starting to seem more and more insane. In fact, it’s starting to look downright illogical. Real love goes past laziness, social norms, language barriers, and selfishness.

Real love is really really difficult to discover and deliver. I’m always shocked at how easily I push back the day that I’ll actually live out what I know God is commanding me to do. Oh, I’ll give some money to the next┬áhomeless person I see on the street. I’ll write that letter to my friend later. Whenever I find these thoughts in myself — which is rather often — it sucks. There’s really no other way to say it. It sucks, and yet I’m not changing it. I know it’s illogical, yet I try so hard to say it’s logical. I need God’s help not just to serve, but to really, truly, want to serve.

Real love is embodied. The people who hold the Love of Jesus in their hearts just ooze with a certain kind of love. There’s a light in their smiles that can’t be found in any tooth whitening kit. They serve as if it’s what we were built to do. They see everyone for the beautiful creation that they are. In other words, they live like we’re all supposed to!