Summer of Love

What I shared this morning at Numa. Unfortunately & fortunately not word for word, since the phone I was reading off of died after the first few sentences.


Today, I’m going to talk to you about love.

I think that there are lots of different kinds of love. I’m sticking to the English language for today, so I’ll be using different typefaces to illustrate the various kinds of love that emerged in my life this summer.

For starters, there’s Love146. Love146, the home of my internship for the summer, is an organization that works to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation. Although I was a communications intern, mainly working on graphic design, I frequently came face to face with the painful and unfortunate reality of the modern day slave trade.

As I found myself delving deeper and deeper into this heartbreaking issue, I was especially struck by the stories of trafficking here in our own backyard—the United States. The “pimp and ho” culture that is so often glamorized in our music and movies is actually a thin and sickening guise for the trafficking and exploitation of children, and I do mean children under 18, for sex.

The stories behind these exploited girls are unfortunately, very predictable. They run away from broken homes of sexual, physical, substance and emotional abuse, and are approached by a smooth, handsome and seemingly loving man who tells them that they would like to be their “boyfriend” and “daddy.” I’ll save the rest of the story for personal conversations…

Whenever I hear this story, I hear this— a child, coming from a home with only distorted shadows of love, is charmed by the offer of a more full, tangible definition of love.

In other words, the problem of sex trafficking isn’t about “good and evil.” It’s about love & it’s potential for it to be twisted and distorted into something that is actually quite painful. The only solution? Love. And who is Love, but God?

There are several characteristics of God’s Love that is unique to Him. I’m constantly experiencing more and more dimensions of this love, but this summer, I’ve specifically learned about three— His love is: nonsensical, never-ending, and action-inspiring.

His love is nonsensical: Jesus loved even when it was awkward, inappropriate, and just plain bizarre. He talked to the woman at the well, even if He wasn’t “supposed to.” Jesus’ nonsensical love is the only solution that would ever consider offering Love to both the traffickers and the victims of sex-trafficking as the solution.

His love is never-ending: Jesus never ever stopped loving, even when He faced direct opposition. Our capacity to love is limited. His isn’t.

His love is action-inspiring. When we come face to face with God’s love, we don’t sit around with hearts in our eyes, we go out and act! We tell the good news, we share our own stories, we heal, we sing, we play, we abolish slavery for the second time.

I’ll end with this last note about love—

In my life, I can identify three main “loves”: my love for art, my love for social justice, and my love for God. This summer, I have finally seen a glimpse of what it means for all three of these paths to cross. When all three loves collide— my nonsensical love for art, my action-inspiring love for social justice, and my never-ending love for God— I begin the journey of understanding the immensely complex reality of Jesus’ Love.


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  1. Love this. 🙂

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