Nonsensical Love

In my ongoing journey of learning more and more about the truths of sex slavery and exploitation, I feel like I’ve been hit with a barrage of information. Each documentary I watch or book I read, I’m faced with perspectives and potential solutions that are presented to be thoughtful, well-ground, logical. Of course, some of them are more well thought-out than others. The strange thing is, there aren’t any plans for solutions that I’ve come across that seem complete. There’s always one approach or another– not one clear solution but opinions, laws, programs, and organizational missions that clash and contradict one another. I’m left pining for my initial black-or-white view of the situation for the sake of having solid hope in a solution, relative ease in deciding which programs to support, and personal peace of mind.

What I’ve received is pretty much the opposite. I find my heart aching more and more for the traffickers and the pimps. The first “Tell Your Friends” session that Nicole led on the first day of my internship, the sentencing of Jarell Sanderson and Hassana Delia, the concentrated reading of Girls Like Us, the watching of Very Young Girls, the Task Force meetings with Jo and the other interns. They have all left me with the powerful, and quite frankly, sometimes unwanted conviction to offer love to the “bad guys” in the situation.

I’m constantly blown away at how Jesus loved, loves, and will love in the most inappropriate of times. He loves when it really, seriously, just doesn’t make sense. He also loves through actions that seem outrageous and bizarre.

How am I going to turn this conviction into action? I don’t know. I’m finding my place in the abolition movement and the kingdom of God, and I’m not sure that I’ll get to the end of that journey anytime soon. His unhindered creativity is immensely complicated, and I can only imagine what joys, passions, interests, challenges, and hungers He tucked away in my nooks and crannies of my soul when He created me.

There are so many offered maps on how to arrive at the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. Love, more specifically the way Jesus defined and demonstrated Love, is the only one that rises beyond the locally logical solutions of the many separate groups of people who are working towards the same cause. It seems nonsensical, to offer Love to all, but His Love is the only solution untouched by the nonsense of our human hearts.


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