Jarrell Sanderson

Yesterday I went with Love146 to the sentencing of Jarrell Sanderson, a 31-year-old who trafficked two 14 year old girls. Both the defendant and the victim were there, as well the family of both. It was more difficult to listen to the trafficker’s statement than the victim’s; how do I reconcile these emotions of compassion that are welling up inside me with my growing passion against sex trafficking? As the defendant’s lawyer outlined Sanderson’s past, it became clear that He too was a victim– he was born into a poor, single-mother household and was molested by her boyfriend when he was younger.

When he stood up to speak, he was in tears– his father was sitting in the courtroom, and had never heard that Sanderson was molested by his mother’s boyfriend after he (the father) had left them. His sobbing of his father and the defendant stirred up unexpected emotions for me. The defendant, although his actions are inexcusable, seemed genuinely apologetic for what he did. One of the most memorable statements from the entire sentencing was his– “It didn’t happen like they say it happened, but that’s irrelevant because I can’t take it back anyway.”

Wow, what a powerful statement. I think there’s really something to learn from that– to not spend out time fretting over our past but to swallow the fact that it’s the past. 

A news article on the case – http://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Conn-man-sentenced-to-more-than-25-years-in-1412926.php


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