Documentation now, reflections later.

Friday May 13;
Leave Tufts for Chicago with Ruth Tam and family in her family’s giant 15-passenger van.
Lots of sleeping and snacking and talking.
Stop at Motel 6 in Toledo, Ohio.

Saturday May 14;
Leave Toledo and end up at Detroit, Michigan where Ruth’s 3rd cousins live.
Receive some Chinese hospitality  in the form of smiles, chow fan, and chow noodles.
Arrive in Arlington Heights! Yay. Omelettes.
Watch Ruth’s sisters: Anna & Laura in Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat.

Sunday May 16;
Go to church with Ruth’s family.
Sermon by Benjamin Tam, children’s worship, youth group bible study.
Dinner with Hanna at Salsa 17. Deeeeelicious.

Monday May 17;
Charmaine and Weilin arrive!
French toast with blueberries.
Apples to Apples with Ruth’s brother Joseph.
Seafood pasta.
Arlington Heights Library.
An Education.

Tuesday May 18;
Meet up with Ben Serrano.
Millenium park.
Walk thru Magnificent Mile (Michigan Ave).
Museum of Contemporary Art.
Wow Bao.
Navy Pier: ferris wheel!
Train ride to Lincoln Park.
Eat at Chicago Diner. Yummm.
Train ride back to Arlington Heights.
Reading Flowers for Algernon.
Korean pancakes (Hoddeuk).
Hanging out with the sisters and the friends.

Wednesday May 19;


Whoooops. Realized I never finished this. But let’s just say– Chicago was fun timez.


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