William Sloane Coffin Jr. said; “To show compassion for an individual without showing concern for the structures of society that make him an object of compassion is to be sentimental rather than loving.”

Sitting in my home for the next 10 weeks in New Haven, CT.
For the ten weeks, I’ll be interning at Love146, a group that works to abolish child sex slavery and exploitation. When I think about what they’re fighting against, it breaks my heart. Every child deserved a childhood– a chance to be silly, loud, joyful. A time to play games, run around in imaginary worlds, and sneak cookies before dinner (maybe even breakfast).

Looking ahead, I haven’t quite fleshed out what my hopes  or expectations are for this internship. I want to see how to combine my passion for this cause and my love for design. I feel like I’ve said that so many times, but I want to figure out what it actually means for me, Elaine Kim, as a designer, an abolitionist, a daughter of God. I want to know what it means to create things that hold actual impact, and to really truly believe that it will make a difference. That designing something can create change in the world, that it’s not just something that I tell myself is true because I know I want to design. I don’t want to be creative because it’s fun, I want to be creative because I know with the absolute, complete entirety of my heart that that is what I was meant to be. I want to be creative because that is what it means to be a daughter of My Father.

I’m stepping into this internship without much detail on what I’ll be doing, but I know that this is where God wanted me to be this summer. I’m excited to get to know my fellow house-family and my co-workers, and to delve deeper into my creative and spiritual identity– to meld those two together.

As I find out more about the cause, and do my own research and reading about trafficking, I have a special spot in my heart for Cambodia. I can’t get the images of the kids at the Center of Peace Orphanage out of my head when I read stories about little girls and boys who are kidnapped and forced into horrible situations.

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a time of becoming one person– tying my past experiences and interests together. Figuring out who I am, and learning to love everything that I find.

As a side note, perhaps this summer will bring other things; my dad at the airport: “So… you’re going to go to Love146 to learn how to love the world. What about loving a boy?”


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