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23 April 2011


They’re gorgeous.

Letterforms in general. It’s mind-blowing how beautiful (and hideous) they can be.
I’ve been reading a lot about typography, and it’s fascinating to think about the overlap between form and function; type as a specific function to convey words, but at the same time carry a lot of meaning in just the way they look. That’s part of the reason why designs that rely heavily on typography are so brilliant– they play this game between the meaning of the words, and the meaning of the way those words are designed. Letters have a life of their own, free to play and convey, but are forever linked to the definitions of its medium– words.

19 April 2011

God is Love.

Sometimes I feel like this becomes an excuse for Christians to keep things the way they are. When we face a difficult issue like homosexuality, we don’t dig deeper and think about what it would actually take to reconcile to two communities, but just proclaim God is love! We need to love everyone, of course, but we can’t just expect someone else to figure out what that actually means for certain groups of people.

We find flaws in ourselves and say hey, God is Love! He loves us anyway. Isn’t it great? Yes, it’s great, but it doesn’t mean we are perfect the way we are. We need to strive towards becoming a more whole and complete representation of God’s love. He created us in His image, but we are not God. Not everything that makes us unique is positive, and not everything that makes us different is necessarily from God. Sin is a very real and powerful force. Things like sarcasm, or sassiness, they are indeed things that make some of us unique, but they are not from God. If we believe that God is 100% good, we can’t believe that He would create something within us that has any ability to hurt others.

It’s very tempting to just go back to saying “but God loves us no matter what!” but we can’t use that truth as an excuse to stay the way we are. We need to allow it to penetrate deep into our very core, transform our ideas of who we are. We need to truly die to ourselves and ask: what would it look like to let that love be the foundation, not the decoration?

Often times we take the words “God loves us just the way we are” to mean that He loves us even with our flaws, our jealousy, pride, anger, issues. But this isn’t true. God loves us just the way we are. He loves us as we, children of God, are. The way that He originally created us to be. He loves us just as we are at our very core and essence. He hates the sin that surrounds our thoughts and guides our actions. He hates the pain we inflict on others. He hates the fear we hold on to. He just loves us the way we are. We are God’s children. We are perfect, because we haven’t been perverted or deformed by the sins of this world. Our actions may be full of hate, but we are not. We are not defined by what we do, and thus we can’t become the sin that we so often partake in.

16 April 2011


Currently falling in a spiral of obsession over typography.

A love of letters is the beginnings of typographical wisdom. That is, the love of letters as literature and the love of letters as physical entities, having abstract beauty of their own, part from the ideas they may express or the emotions they may evoke. – John R. Biggs

9 April 2011

Not Again.

I have this bad habit of starting to write in this blog, putting up a few posts, and then not touching it for months and months and months. And then I come back, delete all the old posts because they’re embarrassing artifacts of the past and then pretend the blog is brand new again. After all, it’s not like anyone has read those words except for my past-self.

I guess maybe I finally felt like I wanted to type something meaningful. Perhaps I was just too lazy to handwrite these thoughts in my journal. Anyhow I’ll just type them out here. Will it stay anonymous? Probably. Hopefully future-elaine won’t be too eager to delete this one.

This week was draining. I’m usually not the most “emotional,”  or so I like to claim.
Tuesday was my birthday and no matter how many times I told myself to be mature and just treat it as any other Tuesday, inside I still had that hope of it being some sort of magical special day. I kept thinking that birthday surprises at midnight and packages from my parents were something that were a guarantee and not a privilege. I really only have myself to blame for disappointment. Being the lucky girl I am, my wonderful friends had a surprise for me at night with balloons, sweets, giraffe hats and the backin’ up song. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hold in my emotions (belrgh, emotions!) and shed some tears. Mostly I was just upset that my parents hadn’t called, but nonetheless I ruined the party by making my friends feel like I didn’t appreciate what they did. The rest of the night and the next couple of days I was just falling into this spiral of self-hatred. Stupid, stupid, stupid, why would you make people feel like that. You ungrateful, stupid brat.

Anyway, the only thing that could make that better was to apologize, which I’ve done.

I guess God really built me to be happy though, because being sad was freakin’ exhausting. It’s like the moment I stopped thinking about it I was my “normal” goofy self. Even when I was feeling down, the jokes and laughter  would just slip out of my mouth. It’s a funny process you know, the Holy Spirit cheering you up from the inside.

So, you there, future-Elaine! Know that it’s an incredible, incredible gift having friends and family who care about you and knowing that it’s your birthday. Every birthday wish, even via facebook or text message is something to be treasured.