Los Angeles

I spent this week staying with Brenda in Los Angeles. It was great being able to see the city– I’ve only ever gone into LA for specific destinations. Driving on recognizable streets like Sunset, Pico, Rodeo and such as part of my day was excited, albeit silly.

This week was my “winternship” with Berman-Singer Public Relations (bermansingerpr.com). I basically sent a lot of emails, designed a few flyers, tagged along on lunch meetings and listened. Jann Berman is officially my oldest friend at 67 years old. She has an incredibly interesting life story (not to mention lots of money). It was kinda fun getting to look in on the lives of rich LA residents that are so often stereotyped in films. I guess stereotypes really stem from truth– she had a collection of fur handbags, sparkly shoes, and hello kitty merchandise. She was hilarious to listen to and incredibly generous. I’ll definitely be paying her a visit every time I’m back home for break! Okay, a breakdown of the week;

– Get dressed in uncomfortable work clothes. How do you old folks do it everyday?
– Awkward hellos, not sure what to do. Surprised at the fact that her office is in her bedroom.
– Go to the Downtown District Business Something or other. A bunch of people who work to make Downtown LA better.
– Go back, send lots of emails.
– Meet Brenda & her boyfriend Daniel for dinner at fatburger.
– Go to The Institute for Mormon bible study!

– Work: email more Luminario Ballet info to people.
– Meet Cynthia, an intern from last semester.
– Lunch with Jaqueline, a business etiquette expert. So much polite smiling my cheeks were sore!
– More emails.
– Dinner with Robert Ryu at some random cuban restaurant.
– Walk around at The Grove.

Emails, etc.
– Go to lunch with Hal, one of the downtown guys. Listen to him give us some inspiration and share his life story. He was talking about how he has a prayer box and that it is necessary for people to believe in something bigger than themselves so that they can let things go. It didn’t seem as though he was a Christian though. He kept saying “don’t get hung up on the g-word.” He has a Christian framework of thinking but not necessarily the belief behind it…
– Design flyer.
– Tufts people in LA reception.

Go to NAMM– a giant music conference! Think HOW, but with music.
– Meet Remo (from the drum company).
– Meet Rowan Storm (the bspr client).
– Traffic traffic traffic. Listen to Jann talk about her family.
– Dinner party with Jann, Saul, Andrew (Tufts senior) , Matt (Tufts alum, actor)
– LA Art Walk with Numa LA covenant!

– Emails
– Lunch with Jann, Lucia and Cindy (former actress turned real estate agent)
– Design flyer for BSPR
– Goodbyes & thank you’s
– Dinner with Brenda & Daniel
– John’s house with Numa folks

Ah, what a wonderful week it’s been.


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